Southern Oregon and NorCal!

Dearest Beloved Friends Of Ours,

Basho here with a brief update of our whatnot.  We’ve successfully navigated our way out of Oregon and into NorCal, as far south as Santa Rosa!  Synopsis below:

Ashland:  This is a great little town!  Local food was awesome, as they’ve got a great agricultural scene (Applegate Valley) and some good folks trying to bring as much from the surrounding land as possible to feed the local populace.  The town itself is quaint but bustling with tourist activity, as this is the land of Shakespearean plays.  Nonstop.  We got a chance to hike around with friends while here, which is always a pleasure.  Lithia Park is most certainly the natural jewel of Ashland, with some extensive trails to assuage anyone’s recreational inclination.

We played a great show and met some great new friends while also communing with old ones.  Couldn’t ask for more than that!


Mt Shasta:  Sleepy little hippy town with our good friends tucked away in the mountain’s shadow!  For a sunday, there was a good crowd to be had, and they were very attentive throughout the set!  Days spent hiking and lounging near large bodies of water: check.  Nights spent playing for cool folks: check.  Tour so far is going swimmingly well, I should think!

Tonight we play on KRSH-FM‘s “Americana” show with the legendary Bill Bowker hosting us.  It’s gonna be great!!


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