Central Valley, Nevada City, and Santa Rosa

Wow, whadda week it’s been!  Sunny most of the time, and a lot of good friends palaver’d with along the way.

First, we played in Santa Rosa at the Last Day Saloon.  Kevlar James was there to lend support.  We shared the night’s bill with Sean and Marty, who are great musicians.

Last Day Saloon!

Chooch's gig-face.

Kevlar and Chooch busk before the show.

Sean & Marty tear it up.

Next we headed to Nevada City for a KVMR in-studio spot with Kim Rogers.  Thanks to Che Greenwood and Kim for setting that up!  While in town, we made sure to say hello to Utah Phillips’ grave site, along with Celia Hackley and her kin.


We played at the Fox & Goose in Sacramento that same night, but I think those photos are on Chooch’s cam.

Friday!  Day off after eight gigs in a row.  Phew!  San Mateo County, here we are!  San Gregorio is a great little town with dead fish impaled on fence posts, and lovely farm scenery only a mile from the gorgeous coastline.

San Gregorio farmscape.

Impaled fish on fence post.

San Mateo coastline.

Flowers in california's hair.

Last night we camped in Butano State Park.  A little way outside of Pescadero village, this state park was quietly magnificent with its giant coastal redwood scenery and minimal tourist presence.

Butano Campsite.

Cloud King at rest.

Next day, Saturday the 28th of April.  We left early to get some beach time in before rolling into Santa Cruz proper.  Here’re a few shots of this morning’s toodle!

San Mateo/Santa Cruz county line...

Chooch gathers it up.

Cloud King, King of the Clouds.

A Gnome mailbox on Hwy 1! Sweetness.

That’s it for now!  It’s been a great tour so far, and many more smiles than frowns throughout!  We’re gonna hang out with some friends tonight and tomorrow before our Rio Lounge show.  More pics to come!!  🙂


One thought on “Central Valley, Nevada City, and Santa Rosa

  1. Ooohhh!! This really takes me back. I used to live in Santa Rosa, and other parts of California many, many lifetimes ago!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Such a beautiful place. I hope you guys make it to Oklahoma eventually!! Would love to hear you play!

    Thanks again!!
    Cuzin’ Karen

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