Minneapolis, Fargo, Bozeman, Spokane, Chelan Wilderness

Alrighty folkses, valuable lesson in booking learned:  The above mentioned towns are not as close to one another as initially presumed.  Back-to-back-to-back-to-back shows are not advisable if you wanna stay sharp on the road of life.  That’s the plain and simple of it!! Despite this, we had a really good time playing these places and meeting new peoples along the way; just wish we’d had more time to spend in each area.

While in The Twin Cities, our good friend Tiffany Ralston introduced us to Mrs. Rebecca Dalton, connected to the famed Hudson Valley folk of yore.  She’s a hoot!

Bex! Leo-grace at its finest.

Chooch passed a sign of little or no pertinence.

Watch that one, she’s dangerous.

We ate beer-battered fried cheese curds and loved life immensely.  To Fargo we go-go went!

North Dakota has things like this decorated the highway sides:

What. Is. This.

And this:

Watch the money burn.

It’s not without a unique geographical beauty either!

Slightly naughty-lands.

And before you knew it, we were miraculously transported into a new land.  Montana, they call it.


Oh, snow.  Fancy meeting you here…

Montana in late spring. Takes all kinds, Bozeman…

Our show at the Filling Station in Bozeman was hectic, but we got to meet some good dudes playing good music.  Look out for the Kitchen Dwellers on the jam-grass scene in a neighbourhood near you soon.

Chooch driving like a mad-woman.

Ida-hello and goodbye!

Now ya see it, now ya done stumbled into Northeastern Washington.

Spokane.  We played here, really.  No, just ask the locals.  We also saw an old brothel, which serendipitously sums up our 24 hours there quite nicely.

Altamont Downs. Former hub of nefarious activity in Spokane.

Bellingham-bound.  We left eastern Washington and sallied forth into the Chelan-Sawtooth Wilderness area.  We happily blindsided by its unexpected beauty.

This place. Oh Em Gee willickers Mr. Wilson.

Winthrop West.  Not exactly the same as Basho’s Winthrop, Maine…

Ace Hardware Stores unite!

Happy camperistanitos.

We are the stars.

That evening, contemplative fire time followed.

Fire: the great mesmeromatron.

Over the river and through the woods, to Bellingham’s house we go!

Goat Creek. Tributary to The Lost River.

North Cascades magnificent scent makes sense for the no-cented.

Cloud King of the Ponderosas.

Not the Swiss Alps.

Where is my mind…where is my mind?

Lake frickin’ Chelan, y’all. Sorcery and orcs for sure.

Aaaand POOF! Just like that, we are in Bellingham hanging with kitties on van rooftops.

Owl-cat helps with some light roof maintenance.

Almost done with this round!  Four more shows and we’re back to the future of Portland-town…  🙂









Winona, Tarantula Arms Farm

Wow.  Wow.  Wow.  We are in a slice of paradise here in Winona, Minnesota!!!


On Sunday we travelled up the mighty Mississippi from Platteville to Winona.  This river is amazing!



Through the 150 year old towns we went, skirting this great generator of life the whole way.


Until we made it to a very straight dirt road that leads to a most amazing peace/piece of land…


Good golly miss what-the-heck-just-happened-to-my-brain?


The Cloud King rests contentedly on the farm.


Three days old, Surprise Lilly and her mom, Jeopardy.  Cuties!


The Bird’s Nest on the farm…


Inside Donna’s house.  Check out that loom!


The town of Winona is also quite charming.  Island-Town on the great Misses!


We played with Beet Root Stew, a local band of talented and very nice dudes!


Winona County.  Scenic byway and a half.



Tiffany and Chooch love their respective states.  Both are awesome, respectively.


Drivin’ on by…


The old creamery.


Closer upper.


Weather vanity.  


Door framed.


Just another day at the office here.


And it’s off to the Twin Cities for a couple shows!!  

Platteville, Evanston, Madison

This week in Wisconsin has been very special for us!  We’ve been staying with Jenn’s lovely family in Platteville, enjoying the late spring sun and birds in southwestern Sconnie.  On Tuesday May 15th we rolled into Madison for an in studio performance at WORT Radio.  Boy howdy were we tired!

Chooch in happy-tired face.

Then it was Platteville time!  Platteville, Wisconsin sits in what is referred to as a “driftless” region, where the glaciers did not ever tread and the rolling hills offer majestic views of the country-side.

Beverly Rawling, Chooch’s mom!

A proper Platteville steak bbq ensued.


Into the Ill-noise we went.  To Evanston, to Andrew Calhoun’s!!  To the great Waterbug Records HQ in the sky!?!!

Unfortunately, no footage of that 24 hours exists, dear friends.  Save this one photo!!

We love Andrew!! Whata sweetie.

Back to the Scon, folks, for a great barn show in Platteville!!  This place…simply sublime.

Jeff and Erin’s Barn!!

This was an amazing property with amazing folks and amazing ambience.

Chooch readies for the evening’s performance.

This place. So very cool.

We’ll be back, Jeff and Erin!!



Erica, Jenn, Max, Bev, and Elmo Rawling!!  We love you guys and gals!

Oh the rodeo.

Madison show at Mother Fool’s Coffeehouse.


…And off to Minnesota our intrepid couple went!



Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Ft. Collins

Eastward we journied after Durango, over the Wolf Creek and La Veta Passes and onto the Colorado front range.

Hwy 160 Eastbound.

Beautiful country, that.

Wolf Creek Pass.

We stopped briefly in Walsenburg, and then went up to Basho’s birthplace outside of Red Wing for a minute.

Home sweet home.

Yes, indeed, this is where I was born.  Far right building with the collapsed roof.

This one.


In the kitchen…

Sitting stoic.

Cloud King out the window.

In the bedroom where I was born.


Up the hill a bit…

Front yard.

Chooch lets the adobe energize her!

Next it was on to Pueblo and Colorado Springs to visit our friends from band Haunted Windchimes!  Yippee!!

Sophia Healey and Javier Flores work on their beautiful mural at Sangre De Christo Arts center in Puebs.


Kevin Healey the Yellow Man: promoter extraordinaire from Pueblo West!


The House Show in Colorado Springs at Mike and Emily’s place (the H.E.L.M.) was amazing!!  What a great community they have there in the shadow of Norad!  Hehe.

Desirae Garcia and the Haunted Windchimes. Such a treat…

To Ft. Collins!  We played two shows, and got to spend some quality time with old friends. Colorado treated us really well, and we can’t wait to get back there soon.

On top of Arthur’s Rock. Lori State Park, Ft. Collins Colorado!

Choochie la Roochie, no time for Kom Boochie.

Colorado Rocky Mountain Hiiiiiiigh!  Ok then.




Pinos Altos, ABQ, Durango

Pinos Altos, New Mexico, has a history rich with intrigue, violence, and charm only the wild west can invoke.  We played in a 150-year-old building, newly renovated by Kurt and Thomas the proprietors of the Buckhorn Saloon and Opera House.  Melanie Zipan also deserves a shout-out at this wonderful gem on the fringe of Gila National Forest land.  We had a wonderful time playing and staying in this area for the night.

Facade of the two buildings in question…

Happy campers!

Oh yes.

Opera House Stage.

One of the gals hanging out over the saloon.

Great gig, great food, great folks.

The Cloud King rests next to our little guest casita.

Great digs in the middle of everywhere.

Inside the casita.

The shower in this place was absolutely amazing.  After 6.5 hours of driving and 3.5 hours of playing music, it was like walking into val halla.

Sublime shower experience.

Fullest moon in however long yielded some good midnight shots following our Saloon show.

Viking cowboy in front of the saloon.

Not the moon.

Next morning we headed out into the Gila National Forest, on the way to ABQ and Andrew Lyman’s Tan Gallery!

On the road again.

Gila Forest Monster.

Long-horned momma.

And just like that, we found ourselves in Albuquerque.

Coupla pale dudes at The Tan!

Setting the stage. What a great backdrop!

Next day we drove around town, seeing the strange sights and sounds of this mysteriously wicked town.

Walking to the field of glass on the edge of the Rio Grande.

Why is this place here?  How did it come to be?  Questions without answers, young ones.

Field of glass dreams.

Where even the ants make their cities out of the tiniest glass shards…

King of the anthill. Mr. Lyman’s hand for scale and heat monitoring.

The ABQ is anomalous for a variety of reasons.  This abandoned railroad station being but one of them.

Yes, or rather, no.

Thift Town, Thrift Town.  Diamonds in the rough to be found there!

Mr. Lyman poses with such needles in the haystack. Get this before it’s gone, people.

Well, northward we pushed, to the land of four corners and no curves.  Durango, they call it.

Ignacio opulence.

We played on KSUT radio on Tuesday, May 8th, right before doing a lovely house concert in our friends Sheryl and Lars’ backyard!  A great many people came, along with a throng of kids, to enjoy the evening along with us!  Durango treated us fabulously.

Warming up before the set.

Today, Durango, tomorrow, the Colorado Springs!




Sedona, Phoenix, Tucson!!

Arizona, how hot thou art!  On our way outta Sedona, we climbed around Bell Rock for a second, and then headed further south to Phoenix for a day.

Bell Rock the pony.

Never has so much red rock rocked so much.  The ravens circled around us as we climbed higher and higher, letting us know Miles was well-cared for, and watching over our every move.  🙂

View with a window.


Kissy face.



Onto Phoenix, where a cool day means 93f!?!

Childhood friends Kennon and Lars Petrini. Phoenix!

We played a great show in Phoenix at Fiddler’s Dream.  Pics of that are forthcoming, ok?  We left for the Tucson Folk Festival the very next morning!

Outside the main plaza stage where we played Saturday May 5th, in the afternoon. Performance pics are on their way!

Onward, indie-folk soldiers!  We left Tucson at 1:45pm to drive four hours north-by-northeast to Pinos Altos, New Mexico for a three-set gig the same night!  It was well worth the whirlwind.  Pinos Altos is a 200 person town with six 150-year-old adobe structures.  We played in one of them.  Next post!



Big Sur, San Louis Obispo, Sedona

Dear Friends,

This is a hard time for us, as this week has seen the passing of Miles, our 10-year old great dane.  We are devastated at this sudden turn of events, but know that Miles is still here with us in spirit on this trip and all of the ones following it.  The following pics are from the last several days.

Santa Cruz Pt. 2:

We got to play right before John C Reilly’s country band on KPIG in Santa Cruz!  It was pretty cool to hear them!

John C Reilly on KPIG 4/29/12

We played at the Rio Lounge later the same evening.  Great show with great attendance!  Good to see all the old horse-riding friends from Santa Cruz!

Rio Lounge. 4/29/12 Photo courtesy of David Gelphman.

Big Sur coastline.

Sea fog rolling thick, juxtaposed by the sun directly above it…

Miles Zanzibar looks over the Big Sur cliffs, almost as majestic as he is.

Miles Zanzibar, King of the Clouds. We miss him terribly.

Elephant Seals at Hearst Beach.

Elephant seal females on the beach.

For the record, they’re molting into summer coats.  Nothing crazy…

A little territory dispute.

We then went further south, passing the famous William Randolph Hearst Castle on the way.

This place is nothing short of crazy.

Rolling down Highway 1 into San Louis Obispo.

Just outside SLO. Beautiful country!

And so across California we went, heading to Sedona!

From SLO to Bakersfield. Very pretty countryside!

Dusk, headed eastwardish.

We slept overnight at a rest stop outside of Needles, CA.  The Mojave Desert was in full effect.

We finally arrived in Sedona, but not before passing through the fair village of Parks. (!!)


Miles at Cave Springs campground outside Sedona, Arizona.

Oak Creek Canyon outside Sedona, AZ.

Skinny dipping at Cave Springs! Cold water, good for the soul.

Chooch and Miles hang out at the campsite in Cave Springs.

More to come!  It was shortly after this day that Miles passed away and we were thrown into an emotional tornado.  Not much documentation of that 24 hour period exists…