Big Sur, San Louis Obispo, Sedona

Dear Friends,

This is a hard time for us, as this week has seen the passing of Miles, our 10-year old great dane.  We are devastated at this sudden turn of events, but know that Miles is still here with us in spirit on this trip and all of the ones following it.  The following pics are from the last several days.

Santa Cruz Pt. 2:

We got to play right before John C Reilly’s country band on KPIG in Santa Cruz!  It was pretty cool to hear them!

John C Reilly on KPIG 4/29/12

We played at the Rio Lounge later the same evening.  Great show with great attendance!  Good to see all the old horse-riding friends from Santa Cruz!

Rio Lounge. 4/29/12 Photo courtesy of David Gelphman.

Big Sur coastline.

Sea fog rolling thick, juxtaposed by the sun directly above it…

Miles Zanzibar looks over the Big Sur cliffs, almost as majestic as he is.

Miles Zanzibar, King of the Clouds. We miss him terribly.

Elephant Seals at Hearst Beach.

Elephant seal females on the beach.

For the record, they’re molting into summer coats.  Nothing crazy…

A little territory dispute.

We then went further south, passing the famous William Randolph Hearst Castle on the way.

This place is nothing short of crazy.

Rolling down Highway 1 into San Louis Obispo.

Just outside SLO. Beautiful country!

And so across California we went, heading to Sedona!

From SLO to Bakersfield. Very pretty countryside!

Dusk, headed eastwardish.

We slept overnight at a rest stop outside of Needles, CA.  The Mojave Desert was in full effect.

We finally arrived in Sedona, but not before passing through the fair village of Parks. (!!)


Miles at Cave Springs campground outside Sedona, Arizona.

Oak Creek Canyon outside Sedona, AZ.

Skinny dipping at Cave Springs! Cold water, good for the soul.

Chooch and Miles hang out at the campsite in Cave Springs.

More to come!  It was shortly after this day that Miles passed away and we were thrown into an emotional tornado.  Not much documentation of that 24 hour period exists…


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