Pinos Altos, ABQ, Durango

Pinos Altos, New Mexico, has a history rich with intrigue, violence, and charm only the wild west can invoke.  We played in a 150-year-old building, newly renovated by Kurt and Thomas the proprietors of the Buckhorn Saloon and Opera House.  Melanie Zipan also deserves a shout-out at this wonderful gem on the fringe of Gila National Forest land.  We had a wonderful time playing and staying in this area for the night.

Facade of the two buildings in question…

Happy campers!

Oh yes.

Opera House Stage.

One of the gals hanging out over the saloon.

Great gig, great food, great folks.

The Cloud King rests next to our little guest casita.

Great digs in the middle of everywhere.

Inside the casita.

The shower in this place was absolutely amazing.  After 6.5 hours of driving and 3.5 hours of playing music, it was like walking into val halla.

Sublime shower experience.

Fullest moon in however long yielded some good midnight shots following our Saloon show.

Viking cowboy in front of the saloon.

Not the moon.

Next morning we headed out into the Gila National Forest, on the way to ABQ and Andrew Lyman’s Tan Gallery!

On the road again.

Gila Forest Monster.

Long-horned momma.

And just like that, we found ourselves in Albuquerque.

Coupla pale dudes at The Tan!

Setting the stage. What a great backdrop!

Next day we drove around town, seeing the strange sights and sounds of this mysteriously wicked town.

Walking to the field of glass on the edge of the Rio Grande.

Why is this place here?  How did it come to be?  Questions without answers, young ones.

Field of glass dreams.

Where even the ants make their cities out of the tiniest glass shards…

King of the anthill. Mr. Lyman’s hand for scale and heat monitoring.

The ABQ is anomalous for a variety of reasons.  This abandoned railroad station being but one of them.

Yes, or rather, no.

Thift Town, Thrift Town.  Diamonds in the rough to be found there!

Mr. Lyman poses with such needles in the haystack. Get this before it’s gone, people.

Well, northward we pushed, to the land of four corners and no curves.  Durango, they call it.

Ignacio opulence.

We played on KSUT radio on Tuesday, May 8th, right before doing a lovely house concert in our friends Sheryl and Lars’ backyard!  A great many people came, along with a throng of kids, to enjoy the evening along with us!  Durango treated us fabulously.

Warming up before the set.

Today, Durango, tomorrow, the Colorado Springs!





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