Sedona, Phoenix, Tucson!!

Arizona, how hot thou art!  On our way outta Sedona, we climbed around Bell Rock for a second, and then headed further south to Phoenix for a day.

Bell Rock the pony.

Never has so much red rock rocked so much.  The ravens circled around us as we climbed higher and higher, letting us know Miles was well-cared for, and watching over our every move.  🙂

View with a window.


Kissy face.



Onto Phoenix, where a cool day means 93f!?!

Childhood friends Kennon and Lars Petrini. Phoenix!

We played a great show in Phoenix at Fiddler’s Dream.  Pics of that are forthcoming, ok?  We left for the Tucson Folk Festival the very next morning!

Outside the main plaza stage where we played Saturday May 5th, in the afternoon. Performance pics are on their way!

Onward, indie-folk soldiers!  We left Tucson at 1:45pm to drive four hours north-by-northeast to Pinos Altos, New Mexico for a three-set gig the same night!  It was well worth the whirlwind.  Pinos Altos is a 200 person town with six 150-year-old adobe structures.  We played in one of them.  Next post!




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