Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Ft. Collins

Eastward we journied after Durango, over the Wolf Creek and La Veta Passes and onto the Colorado front range.

Hwy 160 Eastbound.

Beautiful country, that.

Wolf Creek Pass.

We stopped briefly in Walsenburg, and then went up to Basho’s birthplace outside of Red Wing for a minute.

Home sweet home.

Yes, indeed, this is where I was born.  Far right building with the collapsed roof.

This one.


In the kitchen…

Sitting stoic.

Cloud King out the window.

In the bedroom where I was born.


Up the hill a bit…

Front yard.

Chooch lets the adobe energize her!

Next it was on to Pueblo and Colorado Springs to visit our friends from band Haunted Windchimes!  Yippee!!

Sophia Healey and Javier Flores work on their beautiful mural at Sangre De Christo Arts center in Puebs.


Kevin Healey the Yellow Man: promoter extraordinaire from Pueblo West!


The House Show in Colorado Springs at Mike and Emily’s place (the H.E.L.M.) was amazing!!  What a great community they have there in the shadow of Norad!  Hehe.

Desirae Garcia and the Haunted Windchimes. Such a treat…

To Ft. Collins!  We played two shows, and got to spend some quality time with old friends. Colorado treated us really well, and we can’t wait to get back there soon.

On top of Arthur’s Rock. Lori State Park, Ft. Collins Colorado!

Choochie la Roochie, no time for Kom Boochie.

Colorado Rocky Mountain Hiiiiiiigh!  Ok then.





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