Platteville, Evanston, Madison

This week in Wisconsin has been very special for us!  We’ve been staying with Jenn’s lovely family in Platteville, enjoying the late spring sun and birds in southwestern Sconnie.  On Tuesday May 15th we rolled into Madison for an in studio performance at WORT Radio.  Boy howdy were we tired!

Chooch in happy-tired face.

Then it was Platteville time!  Platteville, Wisconsin sits in what is referred to as a “driftless” region, where the glaciers did not ever tread and the rolling hills offer majestic views of the country-side.

Beverly Rawling, Chooch’s mom!

A proper Platteville steak bbq ensued.


Into the Ill-noise we went.  To Evanston, to Andrew Calhoun’s!!  To the great Waterbug Records HQ in the sky!?!!

Unfortunately, no footage of that 24 hours exists, dear friends.  Save this one photo!!

We love Andrew!! Whata sweetie.

Back to the Scon, folks, for a great barn show in Platteville!!  This place…simply sublime.

Jeff and Erin’s Barn!!

This was an amazing property with amazing folks and amazing ambience.

Chooch readies for the evening’s performance.

This place. So very cool.

We’ll be back, Jeff and Erin!!



Erica, Jenn, Max, Bev, and Elmo Rawling!!  We love you guys and gals!

Oh the rodeo.

Madison show at Mother Fool’s Coffeehouse.


…And off to Minnesota our intrepid couple went!




One thought on “Platteville, Evanston, Madison

  1. Everyone is ready to have you back this fall. We should have a full barn when you return.

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