Minneapolis, Fargo, Bozeman, Spokane, Chelan Wilderness

Alrighty folkses, valuable lesson in booking learned:  The above mentioned towns are not as close to one another as initially presumed.  Back-to-back-to-back-to-back shows are not advisable if you wanna stay sharp on the road of life.  That’s the plain and simple of it!! Despite this, we had a really good time playing these places and meeting new peoples along the way; just wish we’d had more time to spend in each area.

While in The Twin Cities, our good friend Tiffany Ralston introduced us to Mrs. Rebecca Dalton, connected to the famed Hudson Valley folk of yore.  She’s a hoot!

Bex! Leo-grace at its finest.

Chooch passed a sign of little or no pertinence.

Watch that one, she’s dangerous.

We ate beer-battered fried cheese curds and loved life immensely.  To Fargo we go-go went!

North Dakota has things like this decorated the highway sides:

What. Is. This.

And this:

Watch the money burn.

It’s not without a unique geographical beauty either!

Slightly naughty-lands.

And before you knew it, we were miraculously transported into a new land.  Montana, they call it.


Oh, snow.  Fancy meeting you here…

Montana in late spring. Takes all kinds, Bozeman…

Our show at the Filling Station in Bozeman was hectic, but we got to meet some good dudes playing good music.  Look out for the Kitchen Dwellers on the jam-grass scene in a neighbourhood near you soon.

Chooch driving like a mad-woman.

Ida-hello and goodbye!

Now ya see it, now ya done stumbled into Northeastern Washington.

Spokane.  We played here, really.  No, just ask the locals.  We also saw an old brothel, which serendipitously sums up our 24 hours there quite nicely.

Altamont Downs. Former hub of nefarious activity in Spokane.

Bellingham-bound.  We left eastern Washington and sallied forth into the Chelan-Sawtooth Wilderness area.  We happily blindsided by its unexpected beauty.

This place. Oh Em Gee willickers Mr. Wilson.

Winthrop West.  Not exactly the same as Basho’s Winthrop, Maine…

Ace Hardware Stores unite!

Happy camperistanitos.

We are the stars.

That evening, contemplative fire time followed.

Fire: the great mesmeromatron.

Over the river and through the woods, to Bellingham’s house we go!

Goat Creek. Tributary to The Lost River.

North Cascades magnificent scent makes sense for the no-cented.

Cloud King of the Ponderosas.

Not the Swiss Alps.

Where is my mind…where is my mind?

Lake frickin’ Chelan, y’all. Sorcery and orcs for sure.

Aaaand POOF! Just like that, we are in Bellingham hanging with kitties on van rooftops.

Owl-cat helps with some light roof maintenance.

Almost done with this round!  Four more shows and we’re back to the future of Portland-town…  🙂









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