Bellingham, Orcas Island, Portland

The fair port of Bellingham, Washington, my how we adore your fiercely loyal local populace! Our friends there are absolutely fantastic in every way, and it was so good to see them for a couple days!  Pictured below is one such dear individual, Mrs. Ivy.

Ivy Ross-Ricci!

Espresso and biscuit, please.

We ate some fine and not too fancy food.  Teach a piece of paper to fish, however…

Sushi chopsticks art.

Topping off our spring tour was magnificent Doe Bay Resort, on Orcas Island at the northwest tip of Washington state.  We love love love this place!

Ferry rides can be moody affairs.

Seven weeks in, and we’re still in one piece!

Doe Bay Cabin

Our little cabin at the resort.  The Cloud King rests.

Asters on the edge of the continent.


Chooch counted fifteen hundred waves that afternoon as part of an ongoing meditation ritual.

The Store General.

It was incredibly hard to relax.  We did the best we could… 😉

Pretty sublime, huh?

Our good friends Pete and Danielle stopped by for a quick second.

On the point, telling stories.

More to come!  We’re in Portland for a few weeks before blasting off again, eastward, toward the rising sun!  Stay tuned, friends!


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