Midwestern Fall…Mississippi River Valley

Hey hey friendly friends,

We had a lovely emerald summer in Oregon, playing regional shows through June and July before taking almost all of August off.  The beginning of September heralded the return of our fantastic Forest Park Music Festival in Portland.  It was a great send-off for our fall tour across the United States!

We join our two intrepid do-wellers as they depart Iowa City for points in Minnesota and Wisconsin, meandering slowly up the Mississippi River Valley from one gorgeous setting to another.

Corn is in a bad way right now, folks.

Short and burnt.

Lacrosse, Wisconsin rests on a stretch of the mighty Mississippi that’s seen over 175 riverboat wrecks in the last two centuries.  Lotta history in that silt, tell ya what.

Mark Twain’s other car.

A garden by the river.  That white Egret’s looking dapper!

Lacrosse sister-city something.

Protector of the pertinent.

After Lacrosse we visited our friend Donna Buckbee at her Tarantula Arms Farm in Rushford, MN!  This place…this place.

Epitomal southwestern Minnesota dirt road shot.

Next day saw us hop the river again, this time toward the quaint little village of Trempealeau, Wisconsin.

Trempealeau living.

All aboard.

Jenn’s mom, Beverly Rawling, came all the way from Sheboygan to see us!


“My name is Chooch la Roo, and I approve of the following picture.”

Have uke, will travel.

After our show, we went to Perrot State Park, home to Trempealeau Mtn and many migratory birds of the great Mississippi flyway!  We were joined by good friends Tiffany Ralston and Gabe Jewell for some adventurous times!

Patchwork daydream.

Recreational jogging, for example…

Nothing illegal to see here, folks.

View from the bluffs.

Bluffy the vampire slayer.

Chooch knows a good sand stone etching when she sees it.

Two Jens walk into a bluff…

Put that in your pipe.

Braidy bunch.

Sprecher? Check. Sprinter? Double check.

Meet us here next time for another episode of Home Is Where The Tour Takes Us…


2 thoughts on “Midwestern Fall…Mississippi River Valley

  1. Nice pics! How do you like the Sprinter? Looks like your havin tons o fun! Wish you were coming a little closer to Texas.

    • Hey Ted! We love our little Sprinter. It’s a tank with great diesel gas mileage. I tell Jenn when we settle down I’m gonna just put this thing up on blocks and live in the middle of a field somewhere… 😉

      I’m still trying to figure out where Texas comes into our winter touring plans. Gotta make the trip worth while! I’ll keep ya posted.

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