Northwoods and Lake Superior!

The road is blessed with a plethora of good people along the way, and we’re so happy to be meeting all of you!  This last week saw us play in Duluth, Minnesota as well as Ashland and Cable, Wisconsin.  Between shows we were able to explore a bit of the Apostle National Lakeshore on Lake Superior.  What a beautiful and (primarily) clean body of water!  But lest we get ahead of ourselves here…

Cloud King sits stoic amongst the pines.


A tiny baby snake carcass, about the size of a small worm.

Grath Thnake!


Quality reading time by the shore…

This looks suspiciously similar to a harlequin romance novel… “Fabio and Cassandra eloped that night on a pirate ship bound for the most beautiful place you’ve never been.”

WHAM!  All of a sudden we were in a birch-laden photo shoot.  It’s like that, happenstance.

Did that bird just try to poop on us?


Next we camped at Amnicon Falls State Park.  What a lovely dream that was!

“What’re you doing?”



Pretty Lights.


Northward!  To Ashland, Washburn, and Cornucopia we went.  Got to sea the sand stone lakeshore caves of Apostle National Park just yesterday!


Careful near the edge…

Cosmic bongo drums can be heard in the distance.

Eh…I’ve seen bett…Wait. No I haven’t.

Kissyou I’m Irish!

I forgot what I was about to say.

Do you ear what I ear?

And the Cloud King rolls on, Ladies and Gents.  We’re headed down to Eau Claire, Rushford and Winona next week, so stay cartoon’d!

Oh you sexy beast, you!





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