Cable, Oh! Claire, and other short stories…

Well, it’s been another week of adventure and intrigue here at Cloud King central.  We’ve had no fewer than five hundred sweet moments since last updating the ol’ blogaroo, so I’ll try to post the best ones to catch everyone up!  Did you know that sasquatch roams the hills of South Eastern Minnesota?  After hearing tales of tail-less bipedal creatures and their death-like stench from eye/nose-witnesses, it’s clear some more investigation will be needed.  True story…for another time.

We traveled from Duluth down to the charming town of Cable, Wisconsin for a relaxing night at the Cable Nature Lodge and the Rookery Cafe.  Special thanks to Bill Brakken, proprietor and welcoming committee at lodge, for his most gracious hostmanship!  This ain’t equine science, people; the place is fantastic.

Oh give me a home, where the bison tenderloin roams…

Rainy weather followed us out the door of the lodge on Monday morn.  Fortunately, the foliage was turning deeper shades of awesome before our very ayes, captain.

And the eyes have it…

Why the turkey crossed the logging highway doesn’t seem to have been such an issue for our ancestors.

On the road again…but why?

Ah, the internet’s ability to teleport one from a quaint roadside scene to the epic canoe shot below.


Mystical Minocqua melts my meart…er, heart.  Below, we see the ever elusive Chooch Rawling as she glides through the waters of Sunday Lake.

This lady has the upper body strength of ten adult T-Rex’s.

Water so clear you’d think twice about peeing in it.

Restrain yourself. I just waded through a warm spot.

Libby, a very sweet little feline, kept us warm during the LOTR marathon that ensued later in the evening.

“More cat purring on legs photos, please,” said no one.

From Minocqua we meandered down to Lake Wisotta (a combination of the words Minnesota and Wisconsin as far as we could tell) for an afternoon of jumping jacks.

You shall not pass!!

Unexpectedly, the sun set again that evening.  Awful, huh?

I’ve had just about enough of these, thank you very much.

After our Eau Claire stop, it was back to the Farm of Dreams in Rushford, MN.  For anyone not in the know just yet, we are head over heels for this region.

I second that motion.

  Ok.  This next segment of our program really deserves an entry all its own, and eventually that will be the case!  Just down the road a bit from Tarantula Arms Farm is Pagoda Springs Farm, owned and operated by a couple of real keepers: Sarah and Danny.

Our new friends!

This farm is situated just off highway 16 outside of Rushford, MN, on 260 acres.  Good golly it’s simply phenomenal.

Walkin’ man walks.

Danny hitches a ride from Sarah over some particularly nasty thistle patches.

“I think I need to be going that way.”

Sensory overload.

Right. We’ll just fix that little place up and stay for a couple-few decades. How’s that sound?


This dog is fearless…fearless I tell you!

What more can be said?  We can’t wait to perform at Boats and Bluegrass later this week!


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