Maine in May

To Maine!

But first, to Niagara Falls, New York!  We had a great little visit with this powerful force of waterfalls in upstate New York.  Note, objects in pictures are closer than they appear.

IMG_8050Those buildings on the Canada side were practically stepping on our feet, for instance.

IMG_8053 IMG_8054Tiny stairs leading into a tiny pool of tiny water.  What a small geological attraction!

On the way back from the falls, the Cloud King stumbled and fell.  Ouch!

Cloud King Breakdown BuffaloWhat’s a little alternator between friends, anyway?  We were back on the road within 18 hours of this mishap!

IMG_8061The Berkshires of western Massachusetts.  The beginning of rainy days in New England.

IMG_8075We managed to find some sun, regardless!

IMG_8103And had ourselves a little photoshoot picnic in the Maine woods.

IMG_8139Pretty lady. 🙂

A few days later, we ventured onto a friend’s farm for some much-needed horse time.

IMG_8239Owning 300 acres in central Maine has its perks, and a twenty-fice horse herd is but one of them. 😉


Icelandics and Morgans pictured here.  IMG_8316

Happy happy happy!


Here is Deb, one of the owners of said farm.  She and Trudy her partner are great!


Josephine the French Bulldog gets to know her friends.

IMG_8268 IMG_8318

Farm girl. riding in the truck bed.


Some homeless dude we picked up on the way back.


The 150+ year old family farmhouse.

We’re ready for the Nederlands and Germany!  Blasting off across the pond in just a few short days now!  See you on the other side… 🙂