July in these United States: Returning West

A return from the Netherlands was inevitable. Though we tried desperately to convince our new Dutch allies to adopt us, eventually the month of June ended and we awoke as if from a dream back in the United States.

A heat wave had taken hold of most of the US in late June/early July.  The heat coupled with the humidity was barely tolerable at best!  Time to break out the grill and go swimming in the rivers and lakes dotting the landscape, I suppose…

From the Cloud King’s parking place in Augusta, Maine, we started the long trip back to Oregon, stopping first in the colonial land of Massachusetts.


North Hampton, Massachusetts!  A lovely setting for a house concert at our friends Liz and Adam’s place.  Though the mosquitoes were thirsty, a good time was had by all!

600497_10151771663916514_75653015_nAfter a short stint in Western Massachusetts enjoying the Berkshire mountain range, we pushed on down into New York state a ways, enjoying the swimming holes as the Cloud King bopped southwesterly.

Here we have Caterskill Falls, a great place to climb and then enjoy the refreshing swim!

IMG_9512Ooh la la!  That’s my kinda double waterfall right there.

IMG_9523The water was very unpleasant and we didn’t have a good time at all.  I don’t recommend going.

IMG_9486Hudson, NY.  Like Brooklyn only different.  Onward, Cloud King!

IMG_9415Clearly we have a place here of un-remembered origin.

IMG_9547Communing with the little piglets!

IMG_9588Another horrifyingly beautiful place to swim outside of Kinderhook, NY.

IMG_9649The Hudson Valley of New York is as gorgeous as they come, folks.


From New York to Ohio in one fell swoop!

First, a radio performance on WYSO


IMG_9688A visual summary of our show at Taffy’s in Eaton, Ohio with group Year of the Buffalo…

And into Indiana in the middle of the night.  Bugs galore!

968847_556347077763869_709195841_nI think you missed a spot.

We played a lovely house concert at Connie and Steve Lyman’s home in Indianapolis, IN. on Saturday July 19th.  Our first ever show in Indianapolis was a success!

IMG_9696Posing for our band shot with Connie and Steve.

From Indianapolis, we traveled to southeastern Indiana for another house show the next evening at the Bird Hollow Farmstead!


A very impressive garden.


IMG_9724More goats!!  🙂

What a lovely stretch of land down there in rural Indiana they’ve got.

A hop skip and a jump through Iowa and Nebraska…

I-80 westbound outside Council Bluffs, IA.

I-80 westbound outside Council Bluffs, IA.

And before you know it, we were in Colorado again!


Ah, the wild west…

Here’s the setting for our lovely penthouse concert in Denver on July 26th.



Later on we hiked to beautiful Ice Lake for Basho’s Birthday Bash!

IMG_9852Pure snow melted Ice Lake, at 12,500 feet elevation about ten miles outside of Silverton, Colorado.


The valley leading up to the lake…

IMG_9828 IMG_9810 IMG_9854


Sheryl and Jenn hanging out by the lakeside. 🙂

IMG_9868 IMG_9873 IMG_9903

San Juan Mountain Range…whoatime.


IMG_9905And off we went, further down the road!  August 2013, here we go.


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