Mines of Spain and Root Beer!


This fish was about a mile from the nearest body of water.  On the next Unsolved Mysteries.

DSCF2731We visited the Mines of Spain, deceptively located outside Dubuque, Iowa somehow.  Here we see brave J. Elmo Rawling inspecting some of the stonework.

DSCF2742After conquering the chapel, we leapt for joy.  Note young Max’s perfect leaping form.

DSCF2791An old quarry where bluffs used to be.

DSCF2710Bird watching or defending a fort?  We may never know…

DSCF2774The Rawling and Wulff clans pose for a band photo.  Very graceful!

DSCF2720Chooch and Bev pose in front of the plank things.  This picture was taken right before Chooch put the bunny ears up.

DSCF2756Long legs mcgee.


DSCF2852After that it was off to the prom!  We were all very excited to be a part of Galena’s High School prom later in the day.  Very.

DSCF2836Some elderly boy scouts passed by while we were loitering.  No big deal.

DSCF2842Pasta family reflections.

DSCF2864All of a sudden, it was root beer time again!  Happy days, folks. Happy days.


More soon!  We’re pushing further east now toward New England and beyond!!  Beyond I tell you!


Mid West Music Fest!

Hi Dear Friends,

After a lovely tour send-off show in Portland, OR. we pushed back out onto the road.

Make it Rain!

Make it Rain!

Cully Barn Show

Great crowd for a garage show!  :)

Great crowd for a garage show! 🙂


First stop is Winona, MN for the Mid West Music Fest 2013.

We visited our good friends Sarah Joy and Daniel for a little farm time in Houston County.

Sarah and Daniel's slice of paradise.

Sarah and Daniel’s slice of paradise.




Boats & Bluegrass!

We had a fantastic time playing and hanging out on the Mississippi River last weekend at the 11th annual Boats & Bluegrass Festival in Winona, Minnesota!  Here are some pictures from the weekend’s adventures.

Right before the set…

A little pat pat for good luck…

Our campsite was filled with friends the whole weekend through.

Kumbaya dudes. Kumbaya.

We took a canoe ride across river, down several channels to a remote beach.  Felt like a Mark Twain novel!!  Chooch’s paddle broke within the first 30 seconds of being on the water, so Bash muscled that sucker the whole way.  Tickets to that gunshow…were free.

Look ma, no paddle!

Pretty near the sandstone there.  😉

Beauteous bluffths!

We rounded the corner, and came upon a sweet surprise show by the Boyz In The Barrels!  Boats and Bluegrass, indeed.

Beach Boyz in the Barrels!

Lazy afternoon enjoyment at its best.

I got sand in ma undies!!

Exhausted and hap-hap-happy.  End of the weekend weakened warrior.

Dozing next to Mitch’s big orange awesomeness.

Sunday afternoon found us back at Pagoda Springs Farm, lounging with friends and playing some disc golf…

Chela, this is our howwwwm!

Good weekend!

Ebert gave this movie one thumbs up.

We’re off to Chicago, St. Louis, and Cleveland over the next ten days!  Stay tuned, friends!

Midwestern Fall…Mississippi River Valley

Hey hey friendly friends,

We had a lovely emerald summer in Oregon, playing regional shows through June and July before taking almost all of August off.  The beginning of September heralded the return of our fantastic Forest Park Music Festival in Portland.  It was a great send-off for our fall tour across the United States!

We join our two intrepid do-wellers as they depart Iowa City for points in Minnesota and Wisconsin, meandering slowly up the Mississippi River Valley from one gorgeous setting to another.

Corn is in a bad way right now, folks.

Short and burnt.

Lacrosse, Wisconsin rests on a stretch of the mighty Mississippi that’s seen over 175 riverboat wrecks in the last two centuries.  Lotta history in that silt, tell ya what.

Mark Twain’s other car.

A garden by the river.  That white Egret’s looking dapper!

Lacrosse sister-city something.

Protector of the pertinent.

After Lacrosse we visited our friend Donna Buckbee at her Tarantula Arms Farm in Rushford, MN!  This place…this place.

Epitomal southwestern Minnesota dirt road shot.

Next day saw us hop the river again, this time toward the quaint little village of Trempealeau, Wisconsin.

Trempealeau living.

All aboard.

Jenn’s mom, Beverly Rawling, came all the way from Sheboygan to see us!


“My name is Chooch la Roo, and I approve of the following picture.”

Have uke, will travel.

After our show, we went to Perrot State Park, home to Trempealeau Mtn and many migratory birds of the great Mississippi flyway!  We were joined by good friends Tiffany Ralston and Gabe Jewell for some adventurous times!

Patchwork daydream.

Recreational jogging, for example…

Nothing illegal to see here, folks.

View from the bluffs.

Bluffy the vampire slayer.

Chooch knows a good sand stone etching when she sees it.

Two Jens walk into a bluff…

Put that in your pipe.

Braidy bunch.

Sprecher? Check. Sprinter? Double check.

Meet us here next time for another episode of Home Is Where The Tour Takes Us…